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Human Rights Violations In Finland

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Obama for America
P.O. Box 8102
Chicago, IL 60680


Dear Mr. Barack Obama and The Team Fantastic,


Our Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb is visiting USA nowadays and meeting his colleagues and perhaps you also. I hope you`ll take new steps in collaboration with Finland.

During his membership in European Parliament Minister Stubb was well informed about the problems following. They are concerning about human rights based on our Constitutional and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by United Nations.

We are a group of permanently ill and disabled patients who have discovered that we`are fighting alone against large insurance companies (in scale of Finland) and the Finnish government.

In Finland the legal security in insurance matters works only on paper. Well at least our important forest industry benefits from it.

Selling and maintaining of mandatory work related insurance policies has been outsourced to private insurance companies by the state of Finland.

The easiest way for insurance companies as stock market companies to make money for the stock holders is to deny payments, even those guaranteed by Finnish laws and the terms & conditions of insurance policies.

Rejecting decisions are made without giving any actual grounds for them and if the main issue has been on medical facts then a so called insurance doctor can make a rejecting decision simply with the word "NO".

In the leash of President of Finland Tarja Halonen (Social Democrat), Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen (Central Party) and parliamentary chairman Sauli Niinisto (Conservative party) the Finnish parliament and representatives from the different sides of interest groups in the labour market are aware of the appalling situation.

During 2003 – 2007 these parties prepared and approved law packages that further strengthened the superior status of insurance companies. As the worst novelty there is now a so called intrapment between two doctors according to which the legal position of an insurance doctor is next to God.

The law packages is called ”The Finnish Healthcare Trap: Caught in-between two doctors”. It’s Finnish version about Michael Moore’s document SiCKO.

This causes for example that a patient injured in an accident or one that has been sick because of an occupational disease doesn't get quickly the necessary medical care and rehabilitation prescribed by the caretaking doctor.

This only leaves the option of waiting in queues to get into public healthcare, where you have to wait for 6 months to get into necessary examinations, then wait another 6 months to get into necessary medical care such as operation, followed by a 6 month long queue to get rehab.

Even though according to the terms of the insurance policy the patient has the right to get fast to treatment in the private health care sector.

At the same in order to maintain the right for compensation set in the terms of the insurance policy the patient has to start legal process against the insurance company within 30 days. The legal processes takes at the moment three years and insurance companies win 80-100 % of them.

Next we tell you what is the reason for this.

For legal disputes regarding insurance matters in Finland there is a special insurance court system that decides on the disputes with documents. The patient is not told on which documents the verdicts are based on! The system of insurance courts is paid by the insurance companies.

We believe that this Finnish system is against UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights and even the Constitution Law.

For your information. The state of Finland owns 14% of the stocks of the private insurance company IF at the same time acting as the only law enforcer of the insurance sector in Finland. Perhaps you can also ask after this subjects when you are meeting our politicians.

More facts in English about IF insurance company via link

There is mentioned in Investor Relations > Share Information section largest shareholders:

1 VALTIONEUVOSTON KANSLIA 79,280,080 (Number of shares) 13.70 (% of share capital) - Solidium Oy is same as State of Finland.

More information about our real Human Rights` situation in English via > this link -
- also in other languages

We wish best success with your campaign!

Best Regards from Human Rights of Finland

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Eduskuntavaalit 2011
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